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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is the backbone that ties an IT strategy togetherWithout enough forethought, planning and consideration in these processes, you are taking on unnecessary risk and will have loss. The amount of risk depends only on the size of the risks you take. Why take the chance?

Our service offerings cover everything you need for the planning, implementation and testing of DR and BC services. The level you require depends on many different factors, from budget, the importance of the data in your business to the strategy of the business itself. We partner with an outsource team of business continuity specialists to ensure you are covered completely.


To make it simple, our sector scoring system will help you uncover exactly what it is you require.



What would I use it for?

Remote Online Backup Services

Managing all backup's from workstations to servers, flat file to images. Backups occur only once per day.

High Frequency Online Server Snapshot Services

Managing 15 minute incremental server snapshots into a NZ based Cloud environment.

Real-Time Server Replication

Real time server replication services, for those that can afford zero loss