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Daily Automated Cloud Backup

Online Managed Backup Services use set and forget technology to eliminate human error, and automate your secure backups into a New Zealand based cloud.

Our Managed Backup Program is our flagship backup program, designed to provide end to end backup support and service. We will monitor, maintain, report and provide ongoing support on all your backups. You are essentially outsourcing your complete backup infrastructure to us and we accept all risk for this. Therefore, the program is based on a fixed fee model. For this fixed cost, our Managed Backup Program will reduce the business impact from backup failure by attempting to eliminate the occurrence of all failure. Any remaining failures will be dealt with as a top priority, and within a structured response mechanism. 

Our backups occur across the internet once per day.
To help you identify what backup services you require use our sector scoring system.

Conversely you can compare the products below and decide for yourself. To understand the fundamental differences between Essential , Proactive and Managed IT services, read more here.


Whats the benefit for me?


Hardware-As-A-Service (HaaS)


Total security and elimination of capital expenditure. We provide your Backup equipment in the cloud. We replace this periodically at our cost and replacement is included in the monthly fee.

One fixed monthly fee for your backup equipment , and all support charges included*. No capital expenditure ever again.

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Banking Grade Encryption

128k Encryption on your data. Siloed point to point.


Gives you peace of mind knowing your data is encrypted, secure  and safe from theft. 


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Remote Support

We provide the ability to remote control your backup systems and provide support services.

Removes unnecessary call out fees and speeds up time to resolution of issues should they arise 

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Flexible Plans

Add or remove data and your price and plan follows.

No unnecessary capital expenditure for increasing your data backup

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Incremental Backup Facility within a New Zealand Cloud

Only backup the daily changes in data and only backup within New Zealand

Saves you unnecessary ISP costs in data transfer by not transferring all data, just the daily changes and saves you any potential concern with data sovereignty by keeping all data within New Zealand. 

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Set & Forget Technology

Automated and works across the internet without human intervention


Removes all human error in your backup process

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Online Recovery

Recover your files through a secure online portal

No need for call outs or costly data recovery processes. Just log into the secure website and download files you need to recover.

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