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What is the sector scoring system?

The IT outsourcing industry has had several key challenges that, until recently, have been unable to solved. 

1) There is no industry standard for scoring how well a business is positioned in servicing it's IT requirements.

This needs to take into account everything from IT strategy through to individual workstation maintenance through to disaster recovery and business continuity. Without an industry standard, key stakeholders in the IT performance of a business or organisation find it difficult to make objective comparisons between outsource providers, in-house capabilities, and also to identify the gaps that exist in every business.

2) Most 'IT outsourcing' companies are terrified of having an industry standard scoring system.

This is because the huge majority of these 'trusted advisors' box-drop products or services into their clients based purely on their internal knowledge set. Although these decisions are framed as being made in the business best interests, this is very rarely the case. 

The Resolution

A universal scoring system and process that any key IT stakeholder can work through that shows not only the strengths of your current business IT systems and infrastructure, but also the weaknesses. This carries through not only for the physical equipment but also for ensuring and measuring whether the IT systems in any business are a natural extension of the purpose and strategy of the business itself. It would be cliche to say it is 'Holistic IT Outsourcing', but it certainly feels like that to us and our clients.


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